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For class timetables, student portal, exam resit form and other current students resources.
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CLASS TIMETABLE (Last Updated : 18 August 2017)
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For all YPC International College students, please get your exam schedule from the student portal.

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YPC International College provides a safe and conducive learning space for its students. Facilities at YPC International College include:

  • Multimedia and Animation  Lab
  • Library & Student Resources Centre
  • Lecture Halls and Multimedia Facilities
  • Art and Digital Photography Studios
  • Sports and Recreational Facilities
  • Discussion Room
  • Art Gallery
  • Seminar and Examination Halls
  • Computer Labs
  • Counselling Area
  • Prayer Room (For Muslims)
  • Cafeteria
  • FREE Internet Wi-Fi
  • FREE Internet Wi-Fi
    FREE Internet Wi-Fi
  • Exam Hall
    Exam Hall
  • Computer Labs
    Computer Labs
  • Lecture Room
    Lecture Room
  • Library
  • Art Studio
    Art Studio
  • Cafeteria
  • Discussion Area
    Discussion Area
  • Counceling Area
    Counselling Area
  • Parking Area
    Parking Area
  • Sports and Recreational
    Sports & Recreational
  • Science Lab
    Science Lab
  • Photography Studio
    Photography Studio
  • Auditorium
  • Multimedia Lab
    Multimedia Lab
  • Muslims Prayer Room
    Muslims Prayer Room
  • Student Lounge
    Student Lounge
  • Tutorial Room
    Tutorial Room
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Hostel accommodation is available and is within 10-15 minutes walking distance from the college. Hostel facilities include:
  • Bed
  • Locker
  • Study Table
  • Dining Table
  • Television
  • 24 hours CCTV
  • Locker
  • Bed
  • Dining Area with TV
    Dining Area with TV
  • Shower and Toilet
    Shower and Toilet
  • Wash Basin
    Wash Basin
  • Corridor
Prior booking is required. Please call +603-92833799 or write to info@kolejypc.edu.my for booking or for further information.

  • Large Parking Space
  • Food Court - Medan Selera Taman Maluri
  • Food Outlet - McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway
  • Shopping Mall – AEON Jusco, AEON Big, IKEA Cheras
  • MRT/ LRT Station
  • Banks
  • Mosque
  • Clinics
  • Bus Stand
  • Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara
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Most of the activities in the college are the initiatives of our own students, who come up with various ideas on what they would like to do. There are few students clubs which are actively run by the students.

  • Toshokan Club
    YPC International College "Toshokan (Library)" Club was established on 7th October 2016. The club name was inspired by the Japanese words 'To-Sho-Kan' which means Library. The Toshokan Club acts as a platform for great minds to come together across discipline to promote the culture of reading and sharing of information and inculcate knowledge explosion through traditional and non- traditional means. To this end, the Club invites the communities to forward ideas, suggestions and engage in smartpartnership with the Toshokan Club to promote this noble course. Toshokan Club provides opportunities to develop the recreational interest of members and interested stakeholders, aims to contribute to the development of positive personal attributes among the students and inculcates the sense of responsibility, cooperation, creativity and knowledge implosion among the students. FOLLOW US AT FB : YPCToshokan
  • Kelab Kembara (Recreational Club)
    Kelab Kembara Kolej YPC-ITWEB was established on 27th October 2004. Kelab Kembara was aspired by Kolej Teknologi YPC-iT WEB students to fill up their pastime with some recreational activities that will benefit them in terms of health, team building, living skills, to nurture love for the nature as well as to improve the relationship between students. One of activities is organising camping trip.
  • Kelab Kebudayaan Sinar Budaya (Cultural Club)
    Kelab Kebudayaan Sinar Budaya has members which consists of students who are studying in Kolej Teknologi YPC-iT Web. The visions of the club are:
    • To appreciate the value of rich Malaysian culture in younger generation so that it can be preserved and presented in various events.
    • To promote social exposure to students as well as to avoid them from doing unhealthy activities.
    • To convey the message of good cultures and moral values through these activities.
    Among the activities are:
    • Performance at Majlis Anugerah Guru Bestari by the Minister of Education.
    • Karnival Kelab Kebudayaan Sinar Budaya was planned to be held at Dewan Yayasan Pendidikan Cheras,Jalan Peel.
  • Kelab Gabungan Pelajar-Pelajar Islam (JATI)
    The Islamic Student Club was established on 15 November 2004 aspired by lecturers and students of the college to cultivate true Islamic teachings in Muslim students at Kolej Teknologi YPC-iTWEB. It also aims to contribute for cooperation among Muslim students in terms of Islamic responsibilities as well as organising events related to Islam. It is hoped that students will be able to be successful in their lives. Among the activities are:
    1. Weekly activities: Tazkirah for both muslimin and muslimat
    2. Monthly activities:
      • Meeting for discussing about students activities
      • Prayer room cleanliness
    3. Semester activities:
      • Majlis Berbuka Puasa during Ramadhan with lecturers and staff of Kolej Teknologi YPC-iTWeb
      • Assisting in college s Hari Raya Aidilfitri open house ceremony
      • Motivational talk/outdoor activities organised by students committee members.
  • Kelab Kepimpinan & Keusahawanan (Entrepreneurship Club)
    • To train students to be more confident as well as physical and mental endurance test
    • To encourage the students to get involved in entrepreneurship as well as carrying out welfare activities
    • The club also makes young people to be more motivated and confident in the leadership
    • The club also aims to provide various types of competitions that links between colleges and students.


  • Kelab Sukan (Sports Club)
    The sports activities include football, netball, and basketball. These clubs also organize competitions within college and also at the inter-college level. The IT Web Sports Carnival was held every 6 months to enhance social interaction between fellow students, lecturers and staff of KolejYPC-iTWeb. It also acts as an avenue to partner & network with schools, tertiary institutions, political organization to get mutual benefits (in present) and future benefits for the college as well as to have fun.
  • English Club
    The English Language Society helps the students to communicate effectively in English. This society also encourages students to improve their English language. During club activities students converse a lot in order to improve their command of English. Students participate in questioning and answering, language games, quizzes, public speaking and debates during club activities. Among activities held:
    • Wednesday- English Day,
    • Cinderella Play
    • YPC Idol
    • Cookies and cakes were sold on valentine s Day.
  • Photography Club
    The photography club seeks to hightlight students interests and skills in photography. Photo shoots are held both within and outside the YPC International College campus. Competition are held regularly and students work are displayed for viewing. Yearly auctions of students works is also held at YPC International COllege to promote entreprenuerial skills among students.
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